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BE (2-part) letter & envelope necklace

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This envelope necklace makes an elegant addition to your outfit. 

♥️ Details ♥️

Laser-engraved detailing on front/back of envelope and it can open and close. It comes with a removeable laser-engraved track list (the "letter".  The envelope is about 1.4 cm wide. The chain is about 18 inches long. 

Material: stainless steel (silver plating)

Please be careful when handling this necklace; treat it gently.  When sliding the tracklist in and out the envelope; "life goes on" should be seen on the top when putting in the envelope to avoid getting the letter stuck. The letter should come slightly curved (you can always bend it more with craft pliers) in order to fit in the envelope.  Do not try to bend it back to being flat or the letter will get stuck in the envelope.